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Welcome to fashemCo 

Shop a range of quality sunglasses at affordable prices online at fashemCo. We have a style that suits all tastes and appearances whether that's for the fashion-conscious, that trusted pair of sunglasses you keep stored in your car or that pair you need to just protect your eyes from the harsh realities of the sun. We are passionate about providing our customers with sunglasses that not only look great but also throw some Shade ...

Here at fashemCo we aim to provide: 

  • The Latest Fashion Trends
  • Affordable Prices 
  • Quality Shades that Last  
  • Free Shipping Worldwide 

Elegance, Style, Versatility, Flexibility are just some of the characteristics that best describe our shades. We are 100% committed to sourcing the best available sunglasses on the market at the most affordable prices without comprising quality and service.

A pair of shades from fashemCo should be the only store to get your next pair of sunglasses! 

Keeping your sunglasses clean: 


Using your breath as a means to clean the lens you are only going to smear the dirt even further around the sunglass and it will become more difficult to remove.
* Drying your lenses with a paper towel, napkin, clothing, etc as it's going to take the dirt that sits on top of your sunglass lens and scratch the surface.

Cleaning Guide:

Three key ingredients - 1. warm running water, 2. dish soap with no added locations, and 3. lint-free cloth 

Step 1: Place the shades under the warm tap water which will remove all excess dirt and grim for the sunglasses avoiding any scratching of the lens. Do not run under hot water as the coatings fo the lens will be damaged in the process!!

Step 2: Add a drop or two of dish soap remembering that these are usually very concentrated so only a small amount will be sufficient. Gently rub the washing agent around the lenses, frame, nose pads, etc until you are satisfied they are clean especially around the edges where dirt can get stuck.     

Step 3: Rinse thoroughly until all soap has been removed from the shades. Any traces of dish soap remaining on the lenses will smear when you commence the drying process and you will need to commence step 2 once more. Shaking the fame will remove any excess water but be careful when flicking your shades as you don't want them disappearing from your fingers.  

Step 4: Inspect your sunglasses for any dirt prior to drying them making sure all grim has been removed. Using a cotton towel gently rub over all the surfaces of your sunglasses removing any watermarks that appear. 

Step 5: If any streaks or smudges remain, remove them with a clean microfibre cloth €” these lint-free cloths are available at most optical shops or photography stores.


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